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Mapping your electrical circuits/ fuse box

Before moving into your new home, take the opportunity to confirm or re-map the electrical circuits at the fuse box. This great idea was given to me by Bill Ostlund of Northern Alarm Systems Ltd.


I’ve done it for a couple of homes and find it very useful. Bill advises doing it in an empty home to make it much faster and efficient to complete. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, he sketches out the fuse panel. For power receptacles, he uses a loud plug-in radio to plug into the wall outlet, then simply tests the fuse switches to determine which fuse it belongs to. For light switches that operate receptacles, either use the radio or the attached light fixture to identify.


As the map fills in, it shows exactly which outlets and switches are on each circuit or fuse. Remember to do the major appliances and exterior or garage if applicable.

Then put the map information on a spreadsheet with the fuse number or ID and the connections on that circuit. Print and tape it to the inside of the fuse panel door. Voila! Each circuit in your home is now detailed in one handy spot, ready for use in repairs and renos.

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